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gibson byrdland '57 custom

this is an obo auctionso after many software glitches , we start over:here we have a unique 57 byrdland in the 2nd yr of production ser. A25xxx, numbered around april of that year just a few points of interest:the trapeze is blank-this was typical in the 1st year, but Gibson may have used their leftovers againthe pu s are the right age but I have no idea which of the three possibilities it started out with( alnico staple heads were not on every gen 1, these dog ears were available and may have... more

 1995 Gibson Tal Farlow tobacco in mint condition and barely used. A rare find  

This guitar was purchased in 2001 and has spent the last 17 years stored. It's mint, no scratches, no dents. If you're looking for a Tal Farlow this is it. It has been strung with German flat wound strings. I truly cannot find a flaw.... more

1966 Gibson ES175D w / HS Case

1966 ES175DHere we have a vintage "players" piece that speaks to the days of acoustic excellence. What this guitar lacks in pristine elegance, it makes up for in raw tone. Before you get anywhere near an amp it sings the sweet tones player's die for. As a players piece, it has had a neck repair in the usual spot. It's an old stable repair that does not effect the play-ability or sound. It also has some replaced parts including a newer set of Gibson pickups; the neck pickup works wonderfully in... more

1953 Gibson ES 175 - Nice One

Very Nice Condition 1953 Gibson ES 175. Original guitar with the exception of a replacement aged Tailpiece. I do have the original damaged tailpiece that I can include upon request yet the hinged tines are broken at the bend. Wonderfully sounding guitar , straight neck, good heel, frets clear without file, no cracks or body repairs. Several additional drill holes noticed as I replaced a non original type Tailpiece but does not affect the structure of the instrument yet I try my best to disclose... more

Gibson es175D 1966 guitar

Up for auction is a 1966 Gibson 175D guitar in sunburst. All original parts. Looks and plays like margarine. It has a repaired output jack and is solid. I took pictures in sunlight so you can see the repair. It is a line in the wood going to the jack. It has not moved in over 20 years. The sunlight shows it more than it is. Look at the full side. Nut is typical 9 / 16. It is pre- Norlin so the quality is there. No headstock breaks or other breaks other than output jack. Woody sound for jazz and... more

2016 Gibson ES-175D 1959 VOS Reissue Electric Guitar

Gibson Memphis Custom Shop reissue of the 1959 ES-175D jazz box / hollowbody. This particular guitar is a 2016 model, and is in excellent to mint condition, could not find a scratch on it worth mentioning. Everything on it works as it should electronically. This has the original compensated rosewood bridge - cool thing about these guitars is its a floating bridge not attached to the body, down pressure from the strings hold it in place. Whats cool about this is if you want a different sound you... more

1967 Gibson ES 175D vintage Sunburst 

Beautiful 1967 Gibson ES175D Vintage sunburst I just bought this guitar about 2 months ago and I hate to sell but I need to finance a project that just fell into my lap. So my loss. This guitar is gorgeous and plays like a dream. From what I was told when I bought it was that the neck pick up is a Duncan 57 and that the tail piece might not be original not sure. The guy I got it from was a luthier and replaced the tuners and filled the holes and airbrushed the back of the headstock to cover the... more

Rozeo Ladybug Mahogany Thinline 2017 Gibson ES-140 T 3:4 Archtop Jazz Guitar

Very rare mahogany Rozeo Ladybug! This are fabulous small-bodied Japanese guitars made in the famed Terada factory that makes other high-end Japanese production guitars. This is inspired by and nearly identical in dimensions and concept to the rare Gibson ES-140 T 3:4 small-bodied thinline. Very nice small body arch-top, fully hollow body, 25" scale length with one P-90 pickup, Volume and tone. Strung with flat wound strings, plain G, this guitar has a beautiful warm and rich jazz tone. Plays... more

1992 Gibson ES-350T Archtop Long Scale Jazz Hollowbody all Orig with Case

Mint 1992 Custom re-issue ES 350 T. The originals had a short scale neck but this guitar has the full scale. Hooray! Super light lacquer checkering barely visible for personality and the gold's all there. Tone for days. Jazz it, pop it, twang it, or rock it up. Case included.... more

1964 Epiphone / Gibson Howard Roberts Archtop Guitar

This Guitar's Story: I call this my "Benson" or "Benny" (Benedetto -Gibson) guitar. According to the best information I have, this beautiful old instrument started out in life in 1965 as an Epiphone Howard Roberts "Oval Hole" model, several years before Gibson started issuing them under the "Gibson" label. It is essentially an ES-175 with a solid spruce top and an oval hole instead of "F" holes. I bought it about 12 years ago from the estate of Eddie Dirr, a New York musician who was a neighbor... more

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