jazz guitars for sale

Jazz guitars for sale:

Epiphone Emperor Regent Electric Guitar used Excellent+++ condition from japan

Item DescriptionCondition: Excellent condition Accessory: Genuine hard case There is not a feeling of use and there are not much scratches that were big eyes. Pick guard has a scratch of pick. Peg and pickup surface gold parts due to aging are cloudy. There is no problem with the electric system ShippingDomestic Shipping(United States)Expedited shippingShipping Cost : $130 00International ShippingExpedited International Flat Rate ShippingShipping Cost : $130 00Asia, Canada, China, Mexico,... more

Epiphone Emperor DELUXE Regent,'51,Blonde, "STRADIVARIUS OF ARCHTOPS " , Best SOUND

Addendum 1/16 / 2018 This Blonde Guitar has been sold privately & separately from the Sunburst which is still available & listed here on eBay. This listing here of the Blonde Emperor Deluxe is still here only for reference purposes. The Sunburst is available, the Blonde is no longer available. PS: THIS GUITAR WILL BE WORTH MUCH MORE IN THE FUTURE, SO IT IS A GOOD INVESTMENT NOW. This is not just an Emperor. It is an Emperor DELUXE (= an Emperor body with the Deluxe neck, featuring the Cloud... more

1951 Epiphone Zephyr Emperor Regent Varitone

This 1951 Epiphone Zephyr Emperor Regent Varitone features three great sounding 'New York' pickups. The guitar is in good condition, but the switches do require a gentle touch- and periodic maintenance. and there is some binding shrinkage particularly on the headstock. The pickguard is an expensive repro from a fancy archtop dealer. Some wear which is expected for an instrument of this era. Great sounding instrument. Archtop com reproduction pickguard. Goat Peak strings is a brick and mortar... more

Vintage 1950's Epiphone Sealfast Archtop Tuners Emperor Trimuph Zephyr Regent 59

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A fantastic and original (1) Vintage c 1950's / 1960's Epiphone tuner set This rare original set of tuners is correct for your high end Epiphone archtop (Triumph Regent, Emperor, Zephyr, Broadway, etc etc) These also popped up on Gibson Archtops from time to time, such as the ES-175 and L-4, as Gibson probably used them in a pinch. Used from the 1950's into the 1960's. This is a RARE and fully complete set with ALL the original... more