jazz guitars for sale

Jazz guitars for sale:

Vintage 1947 Gibson L-7 Script Logo L5 L7 L-5 Killer Big Band Booming Archtop!

Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A completely original and fantastic Vintage Original 1947 Gibson L-7 You're looking at a simply breathtaking Gibson Archtop, hand carved with the love and pride of a country just off the high of coming home from WWII victorious. It was a high time in American history and the Kalamazoo craftsmanship of the late 40's reflects that high minded prideful era. We are very proud to present this amazing and unique L-7 for sale. Firstly,... more


VINTAGE 1936 GIBSON L-7 Click here to see and hear a sound sample: https:/ / www.youtube com / watch?v=V8XX9enqCR4 This Gibson L-7 is in very good condition, and in excellent playing shape! The following information is from our consultations and to the best of our knowledge. As always, use the photos as the final say in quality and condition of the item. The 1936 L-7 has Banjo Inlay and the inlays are in excellent condition. The original nut has been re-fashioned and the frets have been dressed... more

1949 Gibson L-7 P L7C With Double McCarty Pickups

For your consideration is a beautiful 1949 Gibson L 7 Premier with double McCarty guard. Guitar is in great condition with no cracks or structural repairs. The previous owner did have the tuners and possible the tailpiece changed out in the late 60s. A 1 / 4" jack was installed on the lower treble side, and strap button added. Both pickups were recently re-wound by Tom Brantley, and all electronics work great. Non-original order a case included Make an offer!... more

2006 Gibson Master Museum L-7 Ren Ferguson Archtop Acoustic Guitar L-5 Super 400
OREM, UTAH, 84058, USA

Here we have a very cool Gibson Master Museum L-7 archtop guitar built by the man Ren Ferguson himself! As you know, the archtop Gibson models are built in the Memphis and Nashville Gibson factories. Well, not this one. During his time at Gibson, Ren talked Gibson Corporate into allowing him to built some archtops. Ren's goal, as I understand it, was to convince corporate to allow them to build all of the archtop models at the Bozeman factory. Ren ended up building only a few archtops, and this... more

1954 Gibson L7-C Tobacco Sunburst (#GAT0221)

1954 Gibson L7-C Tobacco Sunburst, Single Cutaway, Parallelogram inlays, Excellent tone, 17 inches wide at the lower bout, Includes a cool & appropriate vintage hard case.... more

1947 Gibson L-7 Archetop Jazz Guitar Vintage

This is a Gibson l-7 archetop from 1947, with a solid hand carved, select spruce top. It is made with a hand carved, book matched, very fine, quilted maple back. The fingerboard is comprised of a Rosewood with genuine mother of pearl position markers. This instrument has been professionally restored and refinished on some areas on the top, and very minorly on the back. A Florentine cutaway has been professionally installed as well. The guitar has both acoustic and electric capabilities. The... more

Gibson L-7 1967 Natural

10-1085 The Gibson L-7 model was a well constructed professional grade budget friendly archtop guitar. It went through many changes from its introduction in 1933 until its retirement in the early 1970s. The L-7 had a fair amount of fancy adornments for a budget model such as a script pearl inlay, multiple layers of binding and a 17″ wide body (after 1935). The 1947 edition of the L-7 featured new closed back Kluson Keystone type tuners as well as the old style thick script logo. Mild ware on... more

2001 Gibson L-5 Stained Glass Custom Acoustic Guitar (Super 400 L-7)
OREM, UTAH, 84058, USA

Here we have a custom one-of-a-kind creation from the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville. This guitar was created with a "stained glass" theme. It features beautiful artwork on the top, back, and sides. Guitars of this caliber are extremely rare and Gibson doesn't produce many pieces of this quality. This is the only one of its kind. This is truly one of those guitars which will be (and already is) highly prized by collectors for decades and centuries to come. Most instruments last 50 years or... more

1949 Gibson L-7 C

1949 Gibson L-7 C, Cutaway, Black, Older pro refin, Very fine sounding, Great playing, Low action, Excellent condition, Original brown hard case, $5, 495 “At Gary’s Classic Guitars we professionally clean, setup & pro pack for safe transit of your new guitar to your door! We would love to earn your business ” Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE... more

1950 Gibson L7-CN, Blonde, Cutaway (#GAT0101)

1950 Gibson L7-CN, Blonde, Cutaway, Parallelogram Inlays, Amazing sounding guitar! pro refret, Hang tag, Excellent condition, Original hard case $7, 995 The wood on this guitar is beautiful especially the back of the neck. The back of the body has some neat looking wood grain as well. It has great action & room on the bridge to be lowered. The newer frets are jumbos. There are some tiny filled holes on the treble side along the rim. The nut width is 1 & 11 / 16’th inches. This is a really... more