jazz guitars for sale

Jazz guitars for sale:

Ibanez SS300-DVS - Full Hollowbody Archtop - Solid Spruce Top, with OHSC

The guitar is in excellent condition, near mint!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Solid Spruce top!!! Flame on back and sides is stunning!!! Pictures do not really capture the beauty of the flame Plays extremely well, and sounds excellent! Comes with tune-o-matic, in case you want to change out the wooden bridge for a totally different sound. Either way it sounds great!Ibanez SS300-DVS Artstar SPECSneck type: Artstar 5pc Maple / Walnut set-in neckbody: Full Hollowbody - Solid Spruce top / Flamed Maple... more

YAMAHA SS-300 Electric Guitar Excellent condition Rare Stratocaster type japan

Item DescriptionFancy matching head of wine red on this indescribable body. YAMAHA is safe to be proud of the world This guitar is manufactured at the time it is said to be JAPAN VINTAGE It is a model called SS-300. Stone is YAMAHA The high degree of perfection is just one impression that you can admire still very much There are small scratches, but nothing stand out. The knob has changed. The arm is a missing item. Weighs about 3 2kg The neck is almost straight and the frets are about 9... more

YAMAHA SS-300 Electric Guitar Excellent condition from japan sound

Item DescriptionIt is YAMAHA SS-300. The serial number is 093926. There are scratches on the body side. There are other small scratches, but I think that there is nothing stand out. YAMAHA soft case arm is included. It weighs about 3 3 kg. The neck is almost straight. Fret is about 9minutes. It has not reduced much. Of course there is not terrible chatter or sound clogging. [BODY]Alder [NECK]Maple [PEG]YAMAHA [FRETBOARD]rosewood [PICKUPS]3Single [0-12F]41.2mm-51 2mm [TREMOLO]Synchro... more

YAMAHA SS-300 Bizarre Japan vintage deformation guitar Electric Guitar Rare Used

Item Description●It is rare Yamaha SS-300 Bizarre electric guitar.   Head back serial No 092605 MADE IN JAPAN ●We do not grasp year model · model name · material · paint type · list price etc. ●I confirmed that all pickups sounded by connecting the amplifier. (5 step switch)   ●Fret is still OK. Since it was low overall, it may be originally the low fret specification of that time.   ●Because the rod was hardened to the left and right, it did not force it forcefully. ●Since... more

Yamaha SS-300 Metallic Red Good Condition Guitar w / Soft Case made in / from japan

Description YAMAHA SS-300 Metallic Red Good Condition Guitar w / Soft Case made in / from japan Condition : USED ■ condition: Please check the photos for detealied condition of the product. 【Product Description】 "SS-300" made by YAMAHA, a guitar manufacturer, Japan is proud of worldwide. Probably using Nato material for both body and neck material, rosewood is used for fingerboard. There are many scratches and dent marks, dullness / rust in metal parts etc. are seen, and it is in a state... more

YAMAHA SS300 Electric Guitar sound PREMIUM Excellent condition Used from japan

Item Description●There is not one screw of the selector switch ●There is no strings guide. ■Top Material: Natto ■Side / back material: unknown ■Neck material: Natto ■Fingerboard: Rosewood ■Weight : about 3 6kg ■Neck state: almost straight ■Fret residue: 80% ■String height: 6 strings 12F about 2 5mm ■Since there may be an oversight such as a small crack which is not in the photograph, please understand that point. (Please understand that it is not possible to return due to... more


DescriptionWe sell a lot of instruments. Here is the category of electric guitar Color: Black natural state: S: new year of manufacture: 2016 pickup: Passive pickup configuration: HH the number of frets: 22 fret neck Scale: Long Body material: maple tremolo: None finger plate: Ebony Neck Joint: set neck Neck Material: Mahogany accessories: hard case, box, instruction manual, warranty cardShipping DestinationAreaCostestimated delivery timeTracking & InsuranceExpedited (EMS)World widePlease refer... more

YAMAHA SS300 Yellow Made in Japan Electric Guitar 1980s Vintage

YAMAHA SS300 Yellow Made in Japan Electric Guitar 1980s Vintage·Condition : Used ·This has small scratch marks or paint peeling and dentut not obtrusive much, Nice condition. ·No problem with the output and electrical system. ·Scratchesents and metal parts have dull / rust. · ·There is a crack in the neck joint. ·The neck is straight. Play condition is excellent. ·The truss rod works as it should. ·This is with Soft Case. Natonec & Body Original single coil pickupShipping We will ship... more

YAMAHA SS300 Used Guitar Free Shipping from Japan #ag1502

YAMAHA SS300 Used Guitar Free Shipping from Japan #ag1502 【Condition】 The SS series which has a heresymbic feeling among the numerous name machines of YAMAHA. SOLID SINGLEBOBIN (Solid single bobbin) seems to be the origin of SS crown name. Whether it has evolved the Strat system that was produced in history a lot or has it degenerated, it is a guitar that I do not know well, but that is also a place where the charm of domestic guitar is amiable (laugh) Natto wood often used for domestic... more