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Jazz guitars for sale: Silvertone

Silvertone N-1 Archtop Acoustric Guitar (AM1076422)



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Silvertone N10 P-7 archtop acoustic guitar 60s Vintage Antique

Fairmont, West Virginia, 265**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Silvertone N10 P-7 archtop acoustic guitar 60s Vintage Antique
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Thomastik Bb112 Light Jazz Bebop Guitar Strings
Thomastik BB112 Light Jazz Bebop Guitar Strings

Jazz guitar playing is a highly developed art form that requires musical discipline, imagination, humility, and good strings. The Jazz BeBop Series has roundwounded low strings that will let your music sparkle.

Gauges: .012 - .016 - .020 (plain) - .028 - .036 - .050

Silvertone / Harmony Archtop H710

Macduff, AB44***, UNITED KINGDOM


Silvertone / Harmony Archtop H710.

This has been in my collection for sometime now with the intention to refinish the top however i??ve never got round to it.

I believe it??s from 1947 going from the stamp on the inside but a may be mistaken. It needs a bit of tlc but is perfectly playable with only some choking around the 12th fret on the E an A strings.
There is a crack on the back that has had cleat??s installed to stabilise it (see pics). The neck does show ... more